Why Are Christian Movies Bad? (Commentary)

With the announcement that a new Christian film is coming out soon, I actually find myself being annoyed. From the preview, I can already tell how the movie's going to start, progress, and end. Though I'd still watch it any way, since I'm a Christian, but it'll more than likely still annoy me. After watching the trailer, I got to thinking: what is it about these movies that tick me off?

Well, here's the problem: they don't feel realistic. In Christian movies, everybody, even the people who aren't Christian or the antagonists, are too nice. They don't cuss, use foul language, or do anything really diabolical. They're more obviously mean than evil or cruel. If they want a good villain, or good movie in general, they have to make the film feel more realistic. In the real world, even Christians can be mean; in these movies, they're like the perfect human beings. Christian are also flawed people and should be portrayed as such.

If the Christian protagonists are shown as the flawed people that they are, their redemption at the end of the movie will be deeper and more felt by the audience. Or, if they aren't Christians to begin with, or are Christians but are engaged in destructive acts, their conversion or turning from their ways will be deeper and the gravity of the situation will be heavier.

Here's my challenge to you, film makers! If you want my attention again, make your films more mature. Discuss the subjects that are hard to talk about with images. Ditch the whole family-friendly schtick you've been going with. Once you get out of that comfort zone, not only will your movies be better, but you might actually reach other people besides Christians with a powerful message.

Agree with me? Different thought on the subject? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I find that part of the problem is the portrayal of an objective evil also, when the antagonist of certain Christian films is Satan or a character who tends to be comparable, there's no ambiguity or reason to feel endangered. A lot of villains are effective because their motives are morally questionable or are so inhuman you get a shocking reaction, but in a few films I've seen, the villain is your standard ultra evil guy who you know not to trust. No matter how charismatic they may be, if the character is Satan or satanic you automatically will not trust them or feel deceived by them so when the characters in the film ally with them or fall for one of their tricks, you're sitting there, shaking your head saying, "You trusted the devil, how dumb are you?" and the audience can't identify with the characters because you know that you, as the watcher, would never fall for that.


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