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My Version of DCEU Phase 3

This is a continuation of my continuity from a previous blog entry that can be seen here:

Girl of Tomorrow
Kara Zor-El has been watching Superman in hiding since the day they landed on Earth. She works as an editor at the Daily Planet where she can keep a close eye on him. She eventually comes out to him and they begin to hang out more consistently. Superman tries to persuade her to be a superhero, but she's scared to do it because she'd have to leave a whole life behind; she has a good job, has a good husband and they're looking to adopt a kid. Why would she throw that all away? She asks Clark if he ever thought of giving up on being Superman and just settling down with Louis Lane, having a family. Superman says he has but has made the choice to sacrifice his wants in the name of the safety of others. One day, Mxyzptlk, a sorcerer from another dimension, challenges Superman to defeat 5 super crim…