The Last Airbender Review

When I was a kid, I never actually watched Avatar: The Last Airbender. But, when it came out on Netflix, you can bet my siblings and I were all over it. It was just the right balance of action, drama and comedy, all while having awesome characters to back it up. So we should celebrate that fact by talking about this piece of crap, I guess.

Jeezum, I don't even know where to start with this. I guess I should start by saying that the film was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Academy Award nominated writer and director of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. But, he was also the Razzie award nominated director and writer of such stinkers like Lady in the Water and The Happening. Naturally, any kid who saw the commercials for this film hadn't even heard of Shyamalan so, we really didn't know what to expect. What we got was a horrendous adaptation of a beloved Nickelodeon cartoon.

The premise is not bad, I suppose. Katara and Sokka find an Airbender named Aang, who is the last of his kind, in an iceberg. He confesses that he is the Avatar, the only one who can master all four elements and defeat the Fire Lord, who is slowly taking over the world. The threesome must go to the North Pole so that Aang can learn waterbending while also trying to avoid capture from Zuko, a firebender trying to capture Aang to return him to his father. It's the first season of the show and all I can say is: just go watch the first season.

This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities; maybe a few decent performances from Zuko, Iroh and Zhao but that's about it. The parts of our heroes are played by some of the worst child actors I've ever seen (fun-fact: the girl who plays Katara in this is in the new Transformers movie). I mean seriously! Did any one give these kids some direction of any kind? And, I'm sure you've heard more than enough complains about the changing of their skin colors so I'll have some mercy on you and not mention it. The script and dialogue are wince-inducing; this is an adaptation of a very emotional show. There is just no emotion expressed in this dialogue. It's all just exposition (just explaining the plot, for those of you who aren't cinaphiles) and delivered with as little amount of emotion as possible. And then there are the special effects; you know, for a $150 million movie, you'd think they'd be able to make the CGI look decent. Nope.

Summary: A horrible director, horrible acting, horrible CGI and horrible dialogue and characters. The lesson here: don't try to adapt a mythos this big to the big screen. Otherwise, you'll end up with something like this piece of crap. This is the worst film I've ever seen and after this, I'll never watch After Earth. I'd rather watch Batman & Robin than this. Don't see it. EVER.

Score: 0/10


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