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I'm Worried About Spiderman: Homecoming

Recently, there was huge news for the upcoming superhero film Spiderman Homecoming: 19-year-old actress Zendaya has been cast as Mary Jane Watson. I need to stress that this isn't the first thing that made me worried for the new Spider-Man movie, but it is the tipping point that has started making me deathly nervous about its quality.

My worries started when I heard about who was heading the project: director Jon Watts, whose only other notable directing credits are a mediocre Kevin Bacon movie called Cop Car and a couple of episodes of the comedy series The Onion News Network. The second aspect that caught my eye was the film's writers. Firstly, there are six of them, which makes me nervous because that's one story stretched between six people, all of whom probably have their own ideas of how it should be. Secondly, more than half of them are comedy writers with credits on American Dad, Community, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Horrible Bosses.

Notice anything abou…