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Psych Series Review

In 2006, USA came out with a completely new TV show. They knew it was good, but they didn't know it would spawn the following that it did. Psych would go on to entertain audiences for a solid 8 years. With ingenious writing, unforgettable characters, and a welcome "feel good" tone, Psych never failed to keep the laughs and mysteries coming.

This show was cancelled just this Wednesday, so I figured it wasn't too late to talk about it. The series centers around Shawn, who's been trained by his police officer dad to hone his Sherlock Holmes-like observation ability. Due to a confusion with the Santa Barbra Police Department, he is forced to tell them that the reason he can tell so many things about people is because he's a psychic. He gets his friend Gus to help him with the scam and they start a private psychic detective agency. They solve crime throughout the series, either for the Police Department or for their own agency.

First off, the characters really do …

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Review

When I was about 11, I'd heard so much about the Lord of the Rings that I just had to watch them. Unfortunately, my Dad made me read the books, first. As I was in my room reading dry page after dry page I was thinking, "There is no way that something this boring could be as epic as all that." And to the universe: I apologize. These movies will not only be among some of the greatest films of all time, but they also claim the title of the best book-to-film adaptations ever. Anyone who is able to take books this boring and make them this awesome definitely deserves that prize.

The Fellowship of the Ring is the first in a trilogy of movies adapted from the beloved books by J.R.R. Tolkien (just because I don't like them, doesn't mean I don't give credit where credit is due). The movie all settles around a hobbit named Frodo Baggins, who inherits a magical ring. This ring turns out to be the property of the Dark Lord Sauron, who can use this ring to take over all of…

3 Things That A Frozen Sequel Needs (Commentary)

Ever since the release of Frozen, it has become the world-wide obsession for theater kids, Disney fans and 5-year-olds. Now, there's some rumors going around the internet about a possible sequel. Ok, let's just pretend for a moment that this was actually happening (a kid can dream). Like it or not, people, there were a few bugs that need to be fixed while there were also a few things that should be kept. I've got 3 things a sequel to this instant Disney classic needs to have.

First, a good villain with a villain song. I'm not saying that the twist with Hans at the end was bad (it was actually one of the film's strongest points). But, the villain aspect wasn't explored well, and the film suffered from that point of conflict. To be fair, the conflict is between the sisters but, let's be honest: we haven't had a cool Disney villain since Scar in The Lion King. Mother Gothel from Tangled was uninteresting and you couldn't love her or love to hate her. D…

My Best Friend's Wedding Review

What do you call a romantic comedy that has most of the comedy coming from a homosexual? You call it My Best Friend's Wedding, of course. This cult status chick-flick of the late 90's is often today shown in... they showed in my Brit Lit class. Logic in that, please? I digress. This film is actually not at all bad, it's just not as funny as I expected. A movie about gender stereotypes clashing in a battle for a dude should be hilarious, but it only gets chuckles when the gay guy comes in (of course).
The story of this film is pretty simple: Jules (Julia Roberts) is a food critic who gets a call from an ex-boyfriend, Michael (Dermot Mulroney). He tells her that he's getting married to a girl named Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) and that he wants her to be his "best-woman". Jules gets jealous and goes on a quest to get her man back. She does this through a series of devious manipulations and just all-around being an idiot. Though this does sound like a very good idea f…

The Prince of Egypt Review

Whenever I went over to my grandmother's house as a kid I was always excited for two reasons: she had mint ice-cream and she had movies on VHS that I didn't have at my house. My favorite one was always The Prince of Egypt. If you handed me a bowl of ice-cream and The Prince of Egypt and told me to pick, I would first ask why I couldn't have both and then I would go watch The Prince of Egypt.

Growing up in a Christian house, I already knew the story of Moses, but I'd never seen it told like this. In the story, the pharaoh has decided that the Hebrews have grown too great in number so, he sends his soldiers out to murder every baby boy. But, one family sends their son/brother in a basket down the Nile River, where he's picked up by the queen and raised as a prince along side his step-brother, Ramses. Years later, Moses discovers his true heritage and runs away into the desert to live with a tribe of Midianites. He settles down, gets married, and finds a life of peace…

Frozen Review

This film was hyped up so much I was worried that it was going to be overhyped. I was incorrect to a ridiculous extent. This has taken Disney back to its glory days of fairytale interpretations with a modern spin. This film, made by the same creators of Tangled and Wreck It Ralph, is marked with stunning animation, a stellar voice cast, and beautiful music. The only mistake I made regarding this movie is that I saw it two days after I saw it the first time.

The story of Frozen centers around two princesses, Anna and Elsa, the latter of whom possesses ice powers that she can't control. So, Elsa keeps them under wraps so that she can't hurt her sister. Unfortunately, this keeps her away from Anna and so the once close sisters drift apart into their adolescent years. At Elsa's coronation as queen, though, the sisters get a chance to bond, but things go awry when Elsa gets stressed and looses control of her powers. In her attempt to flee, Elsa accidentally freezes the kingdom …

Doctor Who Series Review

You'd think a show starting 50 years ago would not still be running to this day. Well, in most cases you'd be right but, this is Doctor Who. If a sci-fi about a madman in time traveling blue box from the 60s doesn't sound like television gold to you, then you're in the exact mindset I was in last year. Then my friend got me watching it, I'm hooked, so let's talk about it. Seems the thing to do, yes?

So, yeah, the show is all about a time traveling, humanoid alien called the Doctor (that's his name) who goes around the universe and all throughout history fighting evil and having all sorts of adventures. Along the way, the Doctor picks up companions, mostly young women, to travel with because he gets lonely. There's like one over-arcing story per season but, other than that it's just adventures and exciting entertainment. However, don't make the mistake I made when I went into this show; after all the meams all over Facebook, I was expecting a com…