Frozen Review

This film was hyped up so much I was worried that it was going to be overhyped. I was incorrect to a ridiculous extent. This has taken Disney back to its glory days of fairytale interpretations with a modern spin. This film, made by the same creators of Tangled and Wreck It Ralph, is marked with stunning animation, a stellar voice cast, and beautiful music. The only mistake I made regarding this movie is that I saw it two days after I saw it the first time.

The story of Frozen centers around two princesses, Anna and Elsa, the latter of whom possesses ice powers that she can't control. So, Elsa keeps them under wraps so that she can't hurt her sister. Unfortunately, this keeps her away from Anna and so the once close sisters drift apart into their adolescent years. At Elsa's coronation as queen, though, the sisters get a chance to bond, but things go awry when Elsa gets stressed and looses control of her powers. In her attempt to flee, Elsa accidentally freezes the kingdom in an eternal winter so, Anna goes out to search for her, believing she can persuade her to bring back summer. Along the way, she meets up with an ice-salesman named Christoph and a talking snowman named Olaf, who accompany her on her journey.

What sets this movie apart from a lot of other Disney films, particularly princess movies, is that the focus is not on romance. It instead focuses on the relationship between the sisters and how far Anna is willing to go for Elsa. The compassion is so well represented and it's a welcome change in today's mean-spirited media. It's a really refreshing story told with a fairytale. There's nothing quite better than that.

Another aspect that makes this movie unique in Disney's repertoire is that it's a girl-power movie that actually lives up to the stamp. Anna is strong-willed and determined while also being awkward and, well, girly. Elsa is also very strong and independent while being the emotional focus of the whole story. The guys in the movie are used as love-interests, but that aspect of the movie has been toned down drastically.

The voice work is insanely good. Kristen Bell provides the voice of Anna and since this woman usually does rom-coms, I was surprised to see her pull off drama and hear her sing. Idina Menzel as Elsa was a no-brainer. Because, if you need someone who can pull off drama, heart and can sing, the natural thing to do is call upon an experienced Broadway actress. All the other voices do excellent, too, with Josh Gad as the hilarious voice of Olaf and Jonathan Groff as Christoph.

But, the tie for first place for jaw dropper goes to the animation and the music. I don't know who these animators are, but they need to do more. Like, a lot more. The scenes where Elsa is using her ice powers are so beautifully detailed you'd swear you're looking at the real deal. The ice looks gorgeous, the designs are gorgeous; the film as a whole is visually stunning. And, of course, the music. If you've seen this movie and you don't have the soundtrack by the next day, there's something wrong with you. The songs range from the epic "Frozen Heart" opening, to the hilarious "Fixer-Upper", to the Oscar winning "Let It Go", which you can tell Idina Menzel put her whole heart into. With every note of every song, you can feel the powerful emotion that the singers bring. Even the musical score is good; composer Christophe Beck definitely put a lot of effort into making this an emotional score for this emotional movie.

Synopsis: Frozen is the perfect family movie; it has heart, humor and music that everybody can enjoy. And, while it's not exactly timeless, it's certainly not forgettable either. This is the kind of movie kids and adults will be watching 50 years from now. With awesome songs, great characters, great animation and some actual girl-power, this is a multi-Oscar winner for good reason. If you ever have kids, definitely make sure this is the first thing you show them. They might just not end up hating one another. And, while your at it, sit down and watch it with them. Trust me, you'll enjoy yourself.

Score: 10/10


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