3 Things That A Frozen Sequel Needs (Commentary)

Ever since the release of Frozen, it has become the world-wide obsession for theater kids, Disney fans and 5-year-olds. Now, there's some rumors going around the internet about a possible sequel. Ok, let's just pretend for a moment that this was actually happening (a kid can dream). Like it or not, people, there were a few bugs that need to be fixed while there were also a few things that should be kept. I've got 3 things a sequel to this instant Disney classic needs to have.

First, a good villain with a villain song. I'm not saying that the twist with Hans at the end was bad (it was actually one of the film's strongest points). But, the villain aspect wasn't explored well, and the film suffered from that point of conflict. To be fair, the conflict is between the sisters but, let's be honest: we haven't had a cool Disney villain since Scar in The Lion King. Mother Gothel from Tangled was uninteresting and you couldn't love her or love to hate her. Disney needs to start writing cool villains again, giving us some diabolical baddies that will go down in the history books as the best of the best. Also, where's my villain song? (Love is an Open Door doesn't count!) Villain songs have been many people's favorite part of any Disney musical and I think we were all a little disappointed when we didn't get that diabolically creative tune that we were looking forward to. So, Disney: give us our doggone villain and song! Please...?

The second thing a Frozen sequel needs is to keep the themes on the family. The story revolving around Elsa and Anna was gripping, full of conflict and heart-breaking/warming to watch. It was a welcome change from the standard Disney formula of old. But, PLEASE don't rehash a conflict between the sisters. That's used up and done. Instead, maybe have Elsa get married and have a kid and, if you wanna follow my last piece of advice, have him/her become the villain. Imagine if the kid is born with something like fire powers. Not only would it be an ironic contrast between mother and child, it would open up an origin story for Elsa and her kid's powers and why this has shown up in their blood line. And this leads in to my final point.

Expand the world. I get that the film was supposed to keep its focus on the sisters, but the world that the story takes place in felt very claustrophobic. There weren't any cool things to look at like Beauty and the Beast outside of a bunch of talking, singing troll rocks. Give us some really cool supernatural elements or monsters to look at and admire. You could even through in a wizard. You have the tech, Disney. Just do it!

Those are my suggestions, people. If you agree with me, please share.

Note: Sorry I've been out of the limelight for so long. School has officially taken over my life. And, I know it's confusing getting two things to you in one night. Sorry. Thanks for being my readers.


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