Doctor Who Series Review

You'd think a show starting 50 years ago would not still be running to this day. Well, in most cases you'd be right but, this is Doctor Who. If a sci-fi about a madman in time traveling blue box from the 60s doesn't sound like television gold to you, then you're in the exact mindset I was in last year. Then my friend got me watching it, I'm hooked, so let's talk about it. Seems the thing to do, yes?

So, yeah, the show is all about a time traveling, humanoid alien called the Doctor (that's his name) who goes around the universe and all throughout history fighting evil and having all sorts of adventures. Along the way, the Doctor picks up companions, mostly young women, to travel with because he gets lonely. There's like one over-arcing story per season but, other than that it's just adventures and exciting entertainment. However, don't make the mistake I made when I went into this show; after all the meams all over Facebook, I was expecting a comedy that had me laughing every second. And, while it does have its funny moments, especially starting in season 5, you're getting into one of the best and deepest dramas since (insert favorite drama here).

Our main character, the Doctor, is not a human, he just looks like one. He has a long complicated back-story which you figure out as the series goes on but, the long-and-short of it is that he is the last of his species, the Time Lords. Hence, his loneliness. His personality is impossible to describe because it's constantly changing due to a regeneration process which allows him to change into a different body if he is on the verge of death every few seasons. With that new body comes a new personality, which keeps the show interesting. The various Doctors have ranged from eccentric and comedic to really depressed and dark and the actors who play them are all fantastic. And, while they are all different in their own ways, they do share similarities. One being that they're always very lonely; that's where the majority of the drama in this show comes from so, pay attention to that. And, another trait they all share is that they refuse to kill. As a veteran of the bloodiest war in the galaxy, he's just had enough. They mention more than once in the show how he chose the name "The Doctor" for a reason: because he wants to heal people, not hurt them.

The Doctor has traveled with many different characters and each have their own unique personality. The most well-known, though probably the most disliked, is Rose Tyler. I actually kind of liked her for a while, but then it started getting to the point where it felt like she was the main character instead of the Doctor. Many people were pretty glad to see her go.

Then, we had Martha Jones, the most underrated Doctor Who companion. Though she was only in the show for a few episodes, she was a great character. Sure, she was in love with the Doctor, like Rose, but she wasn't cookie-cutter.  She was smart, she was resourceful and she single-handedly saved the freaking planet. You know, the little things.

Next, we had Donna Noble, who was definitely not like other Doctor Who companions. For one thing, she isn't in love with the Doctor. In fact, she sasses him A LOT, which just makes her all the more funny. Another way she's different from other companions is that she actually grows over time. She does still keep here sassy, quirky personality, but she grows into a stronger individual.

Then, after Donna, we had Amy and Rory Pond. We're first introduced to Amy as a little girl who finds the 11th Doctor in a broken TARDIS (his blue box) in her backyard. They get to know each other and the Doctor decides to take her with him. Unfortunately, he shows up in the TARDIS 20 years later after he said he'd be back in 5 mins. After that, she and Rory are really the first husband/wife companion duo we see on the TARDIS. They do tease that Amy is hooked on the Doctor once or twice, but don't believe it. It's all bull. They have a perfectly happy marriage that you can ship to your heart's content. Their personalities are really enjoyable, too. Amy is sarcastic, salty, and brave while Rory is loyal, timid and quiet. By the way, the way they both leave the show will make you cry.

I would talk about the latest companion, Clara, but I'd be spoiling too much.

Synopsis: After watching this show, you'll never look at TV the same again. This is the perfect combination of comedy, drama, and adventure. I would defiantly recommend this to anybody in general. It just has something for everyone and everyone can enjoy it. It's the kind of TV show that you and your buddies can just get together, get some drinks, sit down and just binge on. This is defiantly recommended.

Score: 10/10

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