My Version of the DCEU (Phases 1 & 2)

I don't know about everybody else, but I haven't even bothered seeing any of the DCEU movies after Man of Steel. The movie was a bit of a mess and when I heard that Zack Snyder, the director, was going to be the producer on the rest of these movies, I decided that I didn't need to be anywhere near them. However, I've really gotten into watching the CW series The Flash, the Cartoon Network show Young Justice and I just got done reading volume one of the comic series 52. All of these are amazing and really worth checking out. These DC I.P.'s have given me a pretty good idea of what the tone of DC movies should be like and I've started work on a fan fiction version of the DCEU, so I'm going to show you phases 1 and 2 of my version of the DC movies.

Phase 1

I'd do a Wonder Woman movie first; I'm planning to tell these stories in chronological order and it only makes sense to start with her in WW2. I've also decided that Wonder Woman herself will be played by Gina Carano. I think she has a lot of charisma and legitimacy with her being a former wrestler. Wonder Woman comes to war torn Europe to fight the Nazis who are being backed by a group of Amazonian radicals who are using the Third Reich to conquer the world and wipe out all men. She meets a common foot soldier (played by John Cho from Star Trek) and they form a team to take down the radicals. They form a strong friendship that DOESN'T go into romance. I want to show that you can have a friendship between a man and a woman in a movie. They kill the psychotic Amazonians and Diana returns to her home, leaving a magical device with her soldier friend in case they are ever in danger again.

Next, I'd do a Superman movie. Since Superman as a main character is really hard to do, let's look at the story from a secondary character: Jimmy Olsen. We see how Superman has an effect on people around him by showing it from the perspective of a changing character. Jimmy Olsen could investigate a cover-up by Lex Luthor and he runs into Superman as he does the same. I think Superman would still be fine if played by Henry Cavill. Not sure who'd play Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen, though. Title: The Man of Tomorrow

Next, the Flash. I'd like to tell the story of the first Flash, Jay Garrick, with a brief cameo from Barry Allen as a child. Captain Cold is a classic villain from the Golden Age and would make a good first antagonist for Jay Garrick. The Earth 3 Jay Garrick from The Flash TV show is still seared into my brain, so I'm not sure who'd play him in my movie.

Then, Aquaman. Black Manta is a pretty cool villain, so we'll have a political uprising story, where Prince Arthur of Atlantis must take back the throne from Manta and take his place as king. I personally think Ryan Gosling would be an excellent Aquaman.

Next is Green Lantern. I really want Brad Bird to direct this. Green Lantern has always had this cool retro vibe to him as a superhero. Hal Jordan has already been Green Lantern for awhile, but he's still just a cadet training under the other Lanterns. His first assignment is to protect his home town from what the corps perceives to be a small threat, but eventually reveals itself to be the bug demon Parallax. This leads to a gigantic battle with Parallax using Sinestro as a vessel and Ion, the cosmic entity that gives the Green Lanterns their power, using Hal. Sinestro and Parallax are driven away and Hal is made a lieutenant of the Green Lantern Corp.

Finally, Batman. I wanted to do Batman last because he's way beyond over exposed at this point and I wanted to give more attention to other DC heroes. Also, I'm gonna go really off the rails with this one. In my movie, Bruce Wayne has been retired for awhile as Batman to look after his son Damien. However, he's been working as a PI for fun because he can't entirely leave behind a life of crime fighting. However, when a new villain calling himself the Riddler (yes, new. I'll get to that later) starts killing and kidnapping people, Bruce steps up as Batman to stop him. One thing I want to convey here is that Bruce doesn't become Batman because he needs to, because he could easily solve these cases inside of the law. He becomes Batman because he wants to, because being Batman gives him a sense of purpose and freedom like nothing else does. Also, in my DCEU, super villains haven't actually existed up to this point, so Bruce never had to physically or mentally exert himself. Now, with Riddler pushing him to his limit, Batman must grow as an intellectual to be a better Batman. I'd love for Batman to be played by Bruce Greenwood, because he has the right physical build, a great voice as both Batman and Bruce Wayne and he's the right age for an older Batman. I'd also love to see David Tennant play the Riddler. Title: The Caped Crusader.

Now, we have Justice League. It starts when Wonder Woman's war buddy starts getting visions of a formidable being coming to conquer the Earth. He alerts Diana and her arrival gets the attention of all of the rest of the heroes. The threat this time is Imperiax, a cyborg from the future who wants to conquer the universe out of pure ego. He was a slave before he became a conquerer and now he feels that he needs to conquer and destroy all he can in order to make up for his inadequacies. During the fight, Jay Garrick is killed and they hold a funeral for him at the end. He's the first memorial to be erected in the newly built Hall of Justice.

Phase 2

The Man of Yesterday
Superman is confronted by Braniac, an old foe from Krypton. Lex Luthor helps Brainiac by giving him a body powerful enough to kill Superman that's also powered by kryptonite. Even if Superman breaks Brainiac, he will be dowsed in his greatest weakness, killing him instantly. We see Supermn finally let go of his composure as he intends to tear Brainiac apart with all of his power for destroying his home planet and killing his family, who he's actually sort of gotten to know through holographic imagery in the Fortress of Solitude.

Wonder Woman: Curse of Cheetah
Wonder Woman starts a life of crime fighting on Earth as Diana. An archeologist named Barbara makes a deal with with a demon disguised as an ancient god and turns into Cheetah. Returning to her hometown, where Diana incidentally is staying, she reeks havoc on the people of the city, prompting Wonder Woman to fight against her.

The Flash: Rivalry
Barry Allen, inspired by the Jay Garrick Flash, becomes a CSI investigator to solve crime. After he's struck by lightening, he becomes the new Flash. He's immediately confronted by a new threat, the Rival, an old enemy of Jay Garrick's who was banished to the Speed Force. Driven insane by his time there, he goes on a killing spree and Barry is forced to intervene. His descendent Bart Allen also comes to his time from the future, determined to help his grandfather defeat the Rival. After the Rival is once again banished to the Speed Force, Bart stays for reasons unknown...

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War
After his defeat, Parallax guided Sinestro to create the Yellow Lantern Corp, specifically opposed to the Green Lanterns. The Green Lanterns have been exploring the galaxy, discovering new, different colored ring corps. They discover that half of these ring corps are aligned with Sinestro to destroy everything else. It's an all out war for the climax. John Stewart is also introduced in this movie.

Auquaman vs. Cthulhu. That's all you need to know.

The Caped Crusader 2
Batman's son has donned the Robin mantel and joined his father in his war on crime. A psychiatrist at Arkham named Hugo Strange has been experimenting with patients to make an unstoppable badass to take down Batman. He finds his answer in Waylon Jones, a physically deformed man who Strange actually asked for specifically and whose wife has asked Bruce the Private Investigator to find. Waylon is transformed into Killer Croc and set upon Gotham, attracting Batman and Robin. Batman has his ass handed to him and Robin gives up the fight to get him to safety. Waylon starts gaining his memories back and goes to visit his wife, though he can't remember exactly who she is. She's terrified of him, but eventually realizes who he is and lets Bruce know. He eventually traces Jones to Hugo Strange at Arkham. A fight between Batman and Strange in a Batman costume ensues, with Strange talking about how he's the newer model and should be the Batman instead of Bruce. This movie will push Batman to his physical limit, much like how the first one pushed him to his mental limit.

Justice League 2: Apokolips
The next Justice League movie will have them going up against Yuga Khan, king of Apokolips. Though he will be defeated, Hal Jordan and Aquaman will be slain in the fight.

That's my version of what the first two phases of my DCEU would be. What do you think?


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