Star Wars Legends Stories that Should Become Cannon

I'm a bit disappointed with how Disney has treated Star Wars since they bought out Lucasfilm. Don't get me wrong, some of the comics are really good (Princess Leia) and I'm still excited/nervous for The Last Jedi, but in my opinion Disney have been cowards when it comes to the stuff in between the movies. They are slavishly devoted to only telling stories within the Age of the Empire, shaking in their boots to go anywhere near the prequels in case that might piss off the fanboys. However, we must remember that even though the prequels were, and still are, crappy, their existance was made tolerable by all the good things they spawned. We got Genndy Tartakovsky excellent Star Wars Clone Wars in 2003 which lead to the pretty good Star Wars: The Clone Wars a few years later. Prequel stuff shouldn't be thrown by the wayside just because it's of the prequels and with that in mind here are the top 5 Star Wars stories that I think should be cannon and by cannon I mean made into spin off movies. (Please note that I'm making my decisions based on what's not yet covered in the new, still developing Star Wars canon, i.e. which parts of Star Wars history haven't been filled in yet.)

5. Jedi Apprentice series. This not only fleshes out the backstory of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon, but also gives weight to that line in The Empire Strikes Back, "Was I any different when you taught me?" This shows that he really was just like Luke, an impulsive young man who needed to grow into his maturity instead of just being born with it. It's a good coming of age story and would finally make Qui-Gon interesting for once as we go a bit into his backstory.

4. Shadows of the Empire. Ok, yes, this is set between Empire and Return, but it's still a really fun adventure and it would also answer the question, "How does Luke know so much if he didn't stay with Yoda for long?" The answer is that he trained himself! This would also canonize the gangster Prince Xizor, probably the slimiest villain in all of the Star Wars cannon, legends or otherwise. Not entirely necessary, but it would add some more meat onto the characters we already love.

3. Death Troopers. This is pretty much just fanboy wish fulfillment because I know this is never going to happen. However, that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. It's a legitatmately creepy and intense sci-fi horror story, especially when put in the context of the Star Wars universe. That is, until Han and Chewbacca enter the story and all the tension goes out the window because you know they're going to survive. Just take them out, put in some generic tough guy bounty hunter types and we're golden.

2. Cloak of Deception. Yes, this involves a lot of politics, but as Game of Thrones and John Adams have shown us politics can be interesting as long as you establish big enough stakes. This one centers on Chancellor Valorum, the one before Palpetine, and how he was set up to fall from his place in the government. With that context in mind and the right director to handle the pacing this could actually be really interesting.

1. Kenobi. I am adamant that this get made into a movie as soon as possible. Not only is it a Star Wars Western, not only does it have cool stuff with the Sandpeople and learning about their culture, but it adds more depth to Obi-Wan's character, making him more relatable than he was before.


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