Top 10 Films of 2015

I tended to stay away from the theaters this year, mainly because nothing looked that great in 2015. Compared to the phenomenal year that was 2014, 2015 was mainly just "meh". That being said, the criteria for this list is just films that I saw for the first time this year.

10. Even though Inside Out was the better animated film I saw this year, the Lego Movie was just so much more fun. It has this blend of stupid comedy and quick-witted writing much like Gravity Falls that I adore. The animation is a lot of fun to watch and look at. The characters are all lovable in how big their personalities are and there's a really heartfelt message about individuality and being who you are, even if you are just a normal guy.

9. John Wick is everything 80's and 90's action movies should be: a rootable main character who's an unstoppable badass, amazing, fast-paced fight/action scenes and a very unique style. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the action scenes stems from the tightness of the environments in which each sequence is filmed. This makes the action more tightly choreographed and faster paced, making for really intense set pieces. I cannot wait for the sequel.

8. What made John Wick work, like I said, was its confined areas, making the action intense and personal. What makes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation work is the grandeur of its set pieces. From a giant whirlpool to a high speed chase scene on a long stretch of highway on the side of a mountain, every action scene is big and exhilarating. The film as a whole is a fantastic entry into the MI franchise and I hope they keep up with the quality.

7. Edward Scissorhands is a  sweet emotional journey. The story is a nice, if quirky and kind of dark, fairytale, the musical score all but carries the emotion of the film, the production design is over the top and fun to look at, with some very nice color coordination and the main character is sweetly innocent, very likable and you get really emotionally invested in his story. I wish Tim Burton still made movies like this and not Alice in Wonderland.

6. In a world of mindless superhero films like the Avengers and Man of Steel, Unbreakable is a welcome breath of fresh air. The performances of Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, especially, are probably some of the best of their careers, the story is a good, fresh spin on the superhero film and the classic Shamylan twist at the end actually adds tot he story rather than damages it. I would really love to see that trilogy that Patton Oswalt proposed.

5. What separates Mad Max: Fury Road from JW & MI5 is that it doesn't stop. The film is one long action scene, with one fight leading into the next and the set pieces are spectacular to behold. Even though the story setup is simple, the characters are easily identifiable, sympathetic and the emotional steaks are super high, making every action scene all the more impactful and adrenaline pumping.

4. The psychological thriller Nightcrawler is really, really creepy. But this a good thing as it stems from a fantastic performance by Jake Gyllanthall, a great screenplay with amazing dialogue from our chilling anti-hero and n ending that's so perfect for this film. It's a haunting movie that leaves you with the chills.

3. Psycho is one of my first DVD purchases with good reason. Not only did Anthony Perkins brilliantly portray Norman Bates, arguably one of the best film villains of all time, but it's one of the few films that genuinely left me unnerved when the credits started rolling, even though I already knew the twist ending. The twist itself is amazing, helping make this film the classic horror masterpiece it is.

2. Yeah, yeah I know: cliche choice. But I can't help myself. Star Wars 7 was amazing to witness and fun to watch. Solid performances are shown from both the old and new cast, with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Harrison Ford being standouts. The characters are also great, with a complex villain, fun new heroes and with Han Solo being a highlight once again. What's great about the Force Awakens is it's rewatchablility, for me at least. It got better every time I saw it and when you use your brain to fill in the film's gaps, it just makes it that much more fun.

1. Why is Pulp Fiction my #1? A couple of reasons. The dialogue is amazing, with entertaining conversations about mundane things, epic one-liners, monologues and thought provoking anecdotes. The stories are entertaining on there own and the entire plot is fun to piece together in order. The characters are funny and over the top, but somehow relatable at the same time and the interactions between all of these strong characters is amazing to watch. I really want that Vega Brothers movie now.


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