The Man of Steel Soundtrack Review

Before I start, I'd like to say this. To review a music score is one of the toughest things to review. Because, not everybody hears the same thing. Music can mean so many different things for so many different people. Some people could look for the emotion in it, or just listen to the music because it's cool. And others, still, will put images in their heads to the tone of the song. Personally, I like to imagine action sequences from Star Trek movies. Any way, moving on.

This soundtrack for the controversial Zack Snyder Superman movie was composed by Hans Zimmer, who also composed the music for Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Lion King. Zimmer's style has been defined by his overuse of trumpets, a grand, epic tone, and a dark, heavy sound. This soundtrack, though, is, in my opinion, the best soundtrack he has released to date. It's fast-paced, grand, epic and has tons of drums.

What really stands out, though, is Zimmer's ability to give each instrument it's own voice. Even when they're all playing together, you can distinguish each section from the other. Each instrument adds something to the track and you can hear all of them.

What's also unique about this record is that Zimmer actually takes advantage of a choir. I was surprised to find that there were quite a few vocals in many of these songs. Some times it's a choir, some times it's just one voice; you know, what moment when just one really cool voice does a bunch of notes with no lyrics. It all sounds really awesome.

Synopsis: This soundtrack is summed up in one word: exciting. If you want a soundtrack that you can just crank up to ten and imagine fight sequences in your head to, this is it. It's really high-paced, but it also gives the instrumentalists a chance to breath for a few tracks. This is a style and substance soundtrack for a style over substance movie.

Score: 9/10


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